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Why Should You Use Enhanced Vacuum Technology for Remediation?

Remediation is typically an easy problem to create, but a much harder problem to remediate. Talon/LPE’s enhanced vacuum technology, Mobile Dual Phase Extraction helps with just that.

Enhanced Vacuum Technology

What is Mobile Dual Phase Extraction?

Known as MDPE, this technology is frequently referred to as multi-phase extraction or vacuum-enhanced extraction.  This type of mobile groundwater remediation system works to remove contamination from groundwater or subsurface groundwater and can also remediate soil vapor beneath the ground’s surface.


Why Should You Use MDPE?

Mobile Dual Phase Extraction has a multitude of benefits for remediation of subsurface soil and groundwater. These benefits include:

  • Convenience

    Areas in need of remediation are often difficult to reach. The size of our mobile technology allows our remediation professionals easier access to isolated or more remote areas.

  • Mobility

    Due to the mobility of our remediation systems, we are able to travel through terrain that would otherwise be very difficult to access with traditional remediation equipment.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    This condensate groundwater remediation system eliminates the need for large remediation equipment to be purchased, installed and operated. This not only reduces costs for equipment but also for training and qualified personnel.

Groundwater Remediation System

This enhanced vacuum technology boasts a multitude of benefits on remediation projects. Talon/LPE has successfully completed remediation projects using this technology in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado for government, private and industrial clients. Contact one our experienced remediation experts to see if this project is right for you.

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