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What is Mobile Dual Phase Extraction (MDPE)?

Mobile Dual Phase Extraction (MDPE) is often referred to as multi-phase extraction or vacuum-enhanced extraction. It is an in-situ method of remediation that works to remove different types of contamination from groundwater or subsurface water. Furthermore, MDPE also works to remediate the soil vapor beneath the ground surface.

Mobile_Dual_Phase_ExtractionHow MDPE Works

MDPE eliminates the need to purchase, install and operate equipment to remediate one small area. With that said, it also eliminates the time and costs that are associated with purchasing and installing such a remediation system. Depending on the project, individual MDPE events can take as little as four hours or as much as 30 days.


Single Phase Extraction Services

MDPE would not be necessary when there is no groundwater present. However, Single Phase Extraction services would help to remove contaminated vapors in the soil. This works when there is either no groundwater present, or the groundwater has not been affected.


Our Experience

Talon/LPE provides MDPE remediation services throughout Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado for government, private and industrial clients. We have successfully used MDPE for remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination at petroleum storage tanks, pipeline release and oil and gas plant sites and boast a combined 25 years of MDPE experience. Our MDPE rigs are trailer and truck mounted, equipped with stingers or submersible pumps for fluid extraction for site remediation or to conduct pilot studies for design of larger and permanent remediation systems.

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