Talon/LPE offers environmental drilling services for government, private, and industrial clients. With significant drilling experience across diverse conditions, we utilize both traditional and technical methods. Licensed to drill in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas, and Utah, we ensure our team remains updated in the fast-evolving world of emerging contaminants. This ongoing training covers all project phases, from planning to execution, ensuring top-notch quality throughout. We understand that accurate drilling is foundational to an effective conceptual site model, transitioning a site from a liability to an asset through remediation.


Sonic Drilling Technology delivers straight, plumb, and accurate boreholes efficiently. It offers a continuous log and maintains high sample quality throughout a borehole. Additionally, Sonic tooling results in cased, smaller diameter boreholes, minimizing potential washouts and waste generation, thus reducing disposal costs and environmental impact.


Air Rotary Drilling uses compressed air as the circulation medium. The drill bit cuts the formation and the air clears the cuttings from the boring.


Mud Rotary Drilling uses water and/or other additives for circulation. As the drill bit cuts, the mud removes the cuttings, which are later separated at the surface before recirculation.


Hollow Stem Auger uses auger flights to remove cuttings while the bit face allows the insertion of a sample tube to collect representative samples. As the drill bit cuts the formation, the cuttings travel up the spiraled flights of the auger and are removed from the boring. This process is very similar to that of a drill bit and a hand drill. As an alternative to hollow stem auger, solid flight auger may be used in stable formations.


Utilizing a hydraulic/pneumatic hammer and static force, this method advances the sampler. Although various manufacturers produce direct push machines, Talon/LPE prefers Geoprobe® machines. We offer diverse Geoprobe® platforms to suit varied access requirements.

The Geoprobe® machines accommodate several sampling tools that can be readily attached to the boring rods in order to collect groundwater samples, soil, and soil-gas samples. They are also utilized to install small diameter wells. 

In addition, electronic probes can be readily attached to the steel rods providing the Geoprobe drilling machine with the capability to provide in situ or in-place measurements of subsurface properties on a continuous basis. For example, contaminant distribution via a Membrane Interface Probe, hydraulic characteristics via a Hydraulic Profiling Tool, non-aqueous phase liquid characterization using LIF, DyeLIF, OIP, UVOST,®  TarGOST,® or a combination of these tools simultaneously. 



Depending on subsurface formations and present contaminants, Talon/LPE selects appropriate drills and rigs for monitoring well installations. We ensure each installation meets project requirements, client needs, and regulatory standards.




Talon/LPE possesses the expertise for comprehensive water well services, from drilling to decommissioning. We handle every aspect, including permitting, pump installation, maintenance, and operator training. Notably, we've drilled across all major and minor aquifers in Texas.


When installing recovery wells, Talon/LPE factors in proper lithologic characterization, well design, and the product being recovered in order to yield maximum product recovery. Talon/LPE’s installation approach includes: correct drilling method, proper installation of screen and casing, selecting the correct size screen slot, filter pack, proper development, and surface completion for site conditions.


Equipped for boring advancement, well installation, and amendment delivery, Talon/LPE meets varied remedial goals. Our self-contained mobile platforms ensure swift mobilization for remedial technology implementation. Technologies we deploy include:

  • Bioaugmentation
  • Enhanced Aerobic Biodegradation
  • Enhanced Anaerobic Bioremediation
  • Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination
  • Groundwater Extraction/Recirculation
  • In Situ Chemical Oxidation
  • In Situ Chemical Reduction
  • Permeable Reactive Barriers


Talon/LPE specializes in the plugging of abandoned or no longer functioning monitoring and water wells. Talon/LPE has plugged more than 10,000 wells and has the expertise to do the job right. Talon/LPE uses the correct plugging materials and installs them properly, as per state regulations and any local groundwater conservation district specifications.

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