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Is Mobile Dual Phase Extraction the Right Method For Your Remediation?

A multi-phase or dual-phase extraction is an in-situ method of removing different types of contamination from groundwater or other subsurface liquid. Once liquids are brought to the surface for treatment they’re properly disposed of along with accompanying vapors as regulation standards often determine. The dual phases refer to the liquid and the vapor phases of remediation.

Dual Pump or Single Pump Extraction?Mobile-Dual-Phase-Extraction

There are two main types of system designs, dual and single pump. Dual pump systems have separate liquid and vapor pumping processes while single pump designs extract liquid and vapors together. Single pump systems rely on high-velocity airflow and are best used in situations where soil is of low permeability. Dual pump systems recover liquids similarly, but at low pressures, relying instead on a surface blower to treat vapors. While dual pump systems are more flexible for various site conditions, there is a possibility they are not as effective with low-permeability soils.

One of the drawbacks of implementing either traditional dual-phase extraction methods is the necessity of installing equipment on-site. Sometimes that is not the best option for every client, in those cases Mobile Dual Phase Extraction (MDPE) methods are superior. Installing equipment on site can be more costly and take more time to allocate equipment resources. In the case of the MDPE systems, all necessary equipment is mounted to a platform to be mobilized efficiently anywhere permanent installation presents a problem.

Is Mobile Dual Phase Extraction Right For You?

Talon/LPE operates an MDPE fleet capable of 250- 1000cfm in either single or dual pump mode. Talon/LPE is also fully equipped to treat vapors for regulatory compliance, in addition to managing the process for up to 5 wells simultaneously. We can also employ our mobile water treatment trailer capable of rates of 50gpm oil/H2O separation meeting all discharge limits.

Talon/LPE offers remediation and extraction solutions that will yield maximum efficiency. We have been operating in the Panhandle region and beyond for 19 years providing clients with efficient, reliable, and safe environmental field services. We’ve performed over 800 MDPE events in the recent 6 years, and we have had the opportunity to implement a number of innovative methods and techniques to get sites back in order fast. Contact us today for a consultation concerning which extraction or remediation method is best for your unique circumstances.

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