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Talon/LPE was established in September 1997 with six employees and offices in Amarillo and Midland, Texas. Our goal was to safely furnish quality environmental services to our clients. Our original clients had Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank (LPST) sites in rural West Texas towns and relied on our experience to properly handle groundwater and soil contamination.


“More than 80% of our business comes from repeat, satisfied clients. Today, some of our clients have been with us since the very first day in 1997.”


Our clients from across West Texas believed in us as individuals and as a young company. These relationships formed the foundation for the corporate culture Talon/LPE sustains today. We treat customers as friends, and we get the job done safely and efficiently using innovative strategies to save clients money.


Our client base includes Fortune 500 energy companies, industrial companies, oilfield service firms, pipeline companies, transportation companies, real estate firms, national food chains, municipalities, various smaller companies, as well as federal and state agencies.


To be a valuable partner with our clients and communities by safely performing our core services while focusing on ethics, professionalism and quality.


  • We are committed to safety. We always measure our actions and decisions as they relate to the safety of our employees, clients and others.
  • We will constantly be on the forefront of developing and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • We will remember God and His teachings and apply them to all areas of our business. We know that everything we have is because of His grace.
  • We are an organization made up of a diverse and talented team. Our team members realize that our strength comes from everyone at Talon/LPE. We will forever demand excellence in each other and hold all employees accountable.
  • We regard the financial success, stability and growth of our business to be the personal responsibility of every team member of Talon/LPE.
  • We will operate our core services with maximum efficiency to generate solid corporate profits. We will not work for unethical clients, sign bad contracts or pursue a weak strategy.
  • We must make a sound profit for the security of the employees and owners. We will operate our business based on a budget and an operating plan.
  • We will sell aggressively, have an effective lead generation system, and perform our core services while knowing the cost at all times.


In the conduct of our day-to-day business we are guided by and committed
 to the following 10 principles:

  1. Integrity:
 We will do what is right every time, period.

  2. Honesty: 
We are truthful in our practices and actions. We maintain a reputation that is above reproach and we hold ourselves to highest ethical and moral standards. We are bound by our word and we will be honest in all of our actions.

  3. Safety
: We are resolute and determined to be safe and will watch our own actions as well as our coworkers, contractors, and clients in every area of operations. We realize that our families and friends expect us to come home after every job. We will not hesitate to stop work if it is unsafe in any manner.

  4. Professionalism: We take responsibility for the active pursuit of our own growth and learning. We constantly strive to improve upon all that we do by undertaking further training and pursing additional education. We work daily to develop our knowledge and skill with regard to our projects, services, policies and procedures. We are attentive to our own appearance and realize that we are all representatives of the Talon/LPE culture. We strive to keep our offices, project locations and equipment clean and orderly. We work as a cooperative team and we share our excitement and enthusiasm about what we accomplish together. We demonstrate our pride in ourselves and Talon/LPE.

  5. Relationships: 
We realize and accept that our clients choose us because they believe in us and trust our actions. These relationships should never be taken for granted and should always be cultivated and nurtured with professionalism and ethical principles. We will make a concerted and determined effort to take care of our clients, their money, as well as their property. We will go the extra mile for them because if we don't, someone else will.

  6. Fun:
 We view our work as an adventure and not as a chore, and we appreciate the value of choosing happiness. We understand that what we do is serious, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy our work, our clients and each other, and we understand that laughter and a joyful heart are important components of our day to day success. When it ceases to be fun then it is time to do something else.

  7. Humility: 
We realize that we did not achieve our success rapidly or instantly. It took many years and countless examples of sacrifice by others, some who are no longer with us. We will not squander our achievements or be boastful of our success. All things are given by God and we will remember this in our day to day work. We serve with gladness, treat everyone with respect and put the concern of others before our own.

  8. Intelligence:
 We are a team of the brightest and most talented individuals in our industry. We will strive to continue to learn and understand what our clients need and expect from us. We are industry leaders in our core services.

  9. Accountability: 
We accept full accountability for our own actions. We realize that we will sometimes miss the mark and make mistakes. When this occurs we will be honest, humble, ask for forgiveness, and right those we wronged. We will learn from our mistakes and constantly strive to be better.

  10. Innovativeness:
 We realize that our clients have chosen us for our ability to provide solutions to their requests. They rely on us to be innovative, proactive, provide sound judgment and make determinations based upon our training, our knowledge, and our collective practical experience. We will provide sound and creative solutions to their needs.



  • Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics (BBB) – 2010 Winner

  • ICIC – Top 100 – Inc. Magazine #5 – 2006

  • ICIC – Top 100 – Inc. Magazine #57 - 2007

  • ICIC – Top 100 – Inc. Magazine #96 - 2008

  • ICIC – Top 100 – Business Week Magazine #92 – 2009

  • ICIC – Top 100 – Business Week Magazine #86 – 2010

  • Inc. 500/5000 – 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

  • Staples Foundation for Learning Hall of Fame Recipient 2010

  • SABJ, “The 2010 List” Environmental and Engineering Firms - #4

  • SABJ, “The 2011 List” Environmental and Engineering Firms - #10

  • ENR Top 200 Environmental Firms - 2019


Talon Map Grey Locations


Amarillo Office
921 N. Bivins St.
Amarillo, Texas 79107
Midland Office
2901 State Highway 349
Midland, TX 79706
Artesia Office
408 W. Texas St.
Artesia, New Mexico 88210
Oklahoma City Office
501 Beacon Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
San Antonio Office
13111 Lookout Way
San Antonio, Texas 78233
Corporate Office
601 Southwest 9th Avenue
Amarillo, Texas 79101