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Using Direct Push Drilling to Identify a Suspected Pipeline Spill

Pipeline companies can normally see what is happening above ground. When spills occur beneath the ground's surface, some pipeline companies are often unaware as to the extent of the damage and how far the oil has migrated below the ground surface. Using skid steer mounted GeoProbe systems, a drilling company can quickly identify the vertical and lateral extent of the suspected contamination from the spill.

How Does Direct Push Drilling Work?
Steel boring rods are pushed through the ground by using force. Percussion and static force are used to drive the rods deep into the ground. The drill holes that are made can be used for several purposes. They can be used to test both soil and groundwater samples taken from specific areas to determine if leaks or spills are occurring underground. Sampling tools can be attached to the boring rods that are able to provide information on a variety of substances.

Different size boring rods are used depending on the purpose of the drill hole. Holes drilled to monitor groundwater and soil quality must have the capability of retrieving a sample and sending it to the surface. 

These drill holes can also be used to delineate the size of an underground spill. Because the boring rods are pushed into the ground using force, most of the drill holes that are created are rather small ranging from half an inch to 2 inches in diameter.

What Are The Benefits of A Direct Push/Skid Steer System?

There are several benefits to utilizing a direct push and skid steer drilling system. The versatility and convenience make it an acceptable method of monitoring conditions surrounding a drill site or in very inaccessible locations 

A few of the benefits include:

  • Can be mobilized quickly and efficiently to almost any site
  • Able to access any type of terrain
  • Has the ability to work within excavation areas without hindering the project's progress
  • Lightweight and versatile for when drilling over and around lines that are weight sensitive

Skid steers are extremely lightweight and are able to go into areas where other types of vehicles can't. In areas where heavier equipment is not allowed to go, a skid steer is able to perform almost any activity that is needed. When direct push drilling methods are needed, the use of a skid steer can offer precise, pinpoint locations for installing soil borings or groundwater monitor wells.  

If you have questions concerning the convenience and benefits of the direct push/skid steer system and how monitoring wells can help you control spills and keep track of production, call Talon/LPE today. Our environmental drilling firm uses three Geoprobe manufactured machines of our direct push projects

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