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What are Drum Skimmers?

What are Drum Skimmers?


Drum skimmers are tools to remove petroleum products from water.  The skimmer system floats on top of water that contains petroleum contamination.  As the drum rotates the coating on the drum repels water and petroleum products adhere to the surface.  Next, a wiper blade scrapes the oil from the drum, and the product runs into a collection trough.  The trough contains a bottom fitting that is connected to either a vacuum truck or transfer pump that transfers the product to a safe storage container.  Talon/LPE's skimmers are pneumatically driven for an intrinsically safe environment and are completely constructed of marine grade aluminum and stainless steel for durability and longevity.

Drum Skimmer Benefits:

  • Quick deployment
  • Recovers oil and less than 2% water, reducing waste disposal volume and costs
  • Recovers a wide range of petroleum products
  • Effective in only 3 inches or more of water
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Auto-adjusting wiper blade
  • Wipers and drum skin easily changed in field


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