Talon/LPE provides a 40-hour course that allows participants to gain the skills and knowledge to protect the health and safety of the personnel when working with hazardous wastes and while performing hazardous waste clean-up operations. HAZWOPER training will prepare individuals to respond as part of a highly trained team to work on waste sites and during remediation operations.


Talon/LPE has an experienced staff of instructors who are highly effective in training personnel to respond to your emergency needs. Our Corporate Training Specialist has been working in the industry for more than 22 years and can provide your employees with the knowledge and hands on capabilities needed during an emergency. We provide training specific to the level of training you needed.

We have a 16-hour Operations Level Emergency Response course that provides training to individuals that will allow them to respond in a defensive manner to protect your personnel and the environment with aggressive action. We also have 24-hour Technician Level Emergency Response classes that will allow individuals to respond aggressively to contain, control and clean up releases. We can also train those employees who will not directly respond. Such employees will be trained to the Awareness Level, which will enable them to recognize a releases has occurred and to take protective action by notifying the appropriate people, ensuring the safety of people in the area by guiding them to areas that will protect them from the release.

To complete the regulatory responsibilities under OSHA’s HAZWOPER regulations found in 29 CFR 1920.120 (q), we provide stand alone Incident Command courses, as well. Talon/LPE provides all of your HAZWOPER training needs.


Our 24-hour course is designed for employees who are responsible for performing confined space entries on the job. This program will train employees so they can be part of a confined space entry team, and is based on standards established within OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146. Students will receive instructional education and hands-on training to completely understand their role in a Confined Space Entry operation. Each role is addressed in the class; Authorized Entrant, Attendant, and Entry Supervisors.

We will teach students how to evaluate all of the hazards associated with a confined space entry. Students also learn how to conduct monitoring using direct reading instruments. We have our own 4-gas monitor or we can teach your employees with the instruments they will use on the job. Confined Space Entry Permits will be addressed. Each person attending the class will learn how to fill out the required permit. We address every task required to perform a permit required confined space entry safely and effectively.


Current U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations require the training of all employees who perform functions covered by the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR; 49 CFR Parts 171-180). All employees whose work directly affects hazardous materials transportation safety are required to have initial training and recurrent training every three years. Training which meet these requirements has to be designed to increase a hazmat employee’s safety awareness and be an important component in reducing hazmat incidents.

Talon/LPE trainers have the qualifications to provide your hazmat employees with the training required by the DOT to meet the specific requirements within the regulations.


Do you have employees who are trained, but need to attend the appropriate Annual Refresher to maintain compliance? Talon/LPE has a class to keep your employees current in their certifications.

Refresher courses are available, but not limited to:

DOT HazMat Employee Recertification training
Emergency Spill Response
HAZWOPER Waste Site Worker Annual Refreshers
PEC’s SafeLandUSA or SafeGulf
Basic or Core Compliance
Confined Entry
Confined Space Rescue
Incident Command Systems/ Incident Management Systems.


Our ES&H training professionals specialize in customized training programs to meet industry specific curriculum needs. Custom tailored OSHA, EPA and DOT training can be created based on your company’s requirements.

Spill Response classes can be specifically designed for your facility based on the substances used in your operations and within the scope of your employee training and resources.

If you have workers in the oil and gas fields of Texas or New Mexico, we either have a class for you or will provide a custom designed course just for your employees.

Talon/LPE’s Environmental Safety & Health training program prepares your employees to recognize and resolve safety, health and environmental issues in the workplace. 


We concentrate on practical, easy to understand hands-on training using up-to-date and relevant course materials. 


An effective occupational safety and health training program can result in fewer injuries and illnesses, better morale and lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums.  Talon/LPE recognizes the direct relationship between a well-trained workforce and a safe effective workforce and we can help you achieve a successful balance. Our training program focuses on professional development and improved job performance.


Talon/LPE is the provider of choice for occupational training in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.  We have experienced trainers with practical experiences who present quality instruction in an exciting, enjoyable atmosphere.


Our ES&H training professionals specialize in customized training programs to meet industry specific curriculum needs.  Custom tailored OSHA, EPA and DOT training can be created based on your company’s requirements.  Classes can be conducted at your facility or in our newly developed training center at our Amarillo location.


Talon/LPE offers a wide selection of training courses and educational programs to help broaden worker and employer knowledge.  Available courses cover a variety of topics required by OSHA, EPA and DOT.


Topics include, but are not limited to:


    • Regulations Overview: OSHA, EPA, DOT
    • 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)
    • 24-hour Technician Level Emergency Spill Response
    • Annual 8-Hour Refreshers
    • Incident Management System
    • Confined Space Entry & Rescue
    • Arc Flash and Electrical
    • New Hazard Communication Standard with GHS
    • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Hazardous Materials Management
    • Fire Extinguisher Training
    • DOT HazMat Employee Training as per 49 CFR 172.700-704  
    • Excavation Safety
    • Hydrogen Sulfide training under OSHA, TAC, API and ASSE
    • Safety Management
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including FR and AR
    • Pipeline Safety
    • Hot Work
  • Environmental Regulations
    • RCRA Hazardous Waste Management
  • Sampling and Analysis
    • Sample methodologies
    • Containers, preservatives, labeling
    • Chain of Command
    • Data Analysis
  • Indoor Air Quality
    • Microbial sampling
    • Decontamination
    • Remediation


Following the successful completion of an occupational training program your company will be awarded a certificate, providing evidence of training.  No matter what industry you're in, we have an occupational training class that can help your organization become safer, more efficient and as a result, more profitable.