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23 Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Not only is hydrogen peroxide used medically, but this non-toxic disinfectant solution is perfect for using around your home or business. Currently, many business owners are using hydrogen peroxide as a method of disinfecting their facility to help promote the health and safety of their employees and customers during this COVID-19 era. However, hydrogen peroxide has many other purposes other than being used to wipe off high-contact areas and eradicate the coronavirus. Here are a list of ways you can use hydrogen peroxide around your home to ensure you are being as clean and safe as possible:


In Your Kitchen

  • Clean your sink
  • Deep clean your dishwasher
  • Clean your fruits and veggies

In Your Bathroom

  • Remove mold and mildew
  • Clean glasses and mirrors streak-free
  • Clean white porcelain
  • Sanitize your humidifier


  • Clean your shower and bathtub
  • Clean your makeup brushes
  • Sanitize your toothbrush

In Your Wardrobe



In Your Garden

  • Keep fungi off plants
  • Fight root rot
  • Increase pest control



Talon/LPE’s hydrogen peroxide disinfectant solution is recommended by the CDC and EPA when trying to eradicate the coronavirus. However, this all natural disinfectant has many uses around the home and office. Purchase yours today through the button below.

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