Llano Permian Environmental Logo 1997

Talon/LPE initially began on September 1, 1997 as Llano Permian Environmental, which constitutes the LPE portion of the name now.



Talon Drilling Logo 1999In 1999, Llano Permian Environmental discovered that 70% of all project costs was drilling. That’s when Llano Permian Environmental opened Talon Drilling. Talon Drilling originated from the idea of the claw drilling down.

In 2004, Llano Permian Environmental and Talon Drilling merged, thus creating Talon/LPE.

Talon/LPE Truck with Logo

Doing environmental consulting, Talon/LPE found the majority of their work was for underground storage tanks sites (USTs). Any time a tank is removed and contamination is found, an additional assessment, including monitor wells, soil borings, etc. is often required. The addition of Talon Drilling to Llano Permian Environmental was instrumental to the growth of Talon/LPE as a whole. 

From there, Talon/LPE grew to have engineers, construction crews and additional industry experts for a large variety of projects for a multitude of different industries. Talon/LPE was (and still is!) able to complete 90% of all projects in house.

Talon/LPE North Bivins Location

With over 100 employees located in Amarillo, Midland and San Antonio, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Artesia, New Mexico and Fort Collins, Colorado, Talon/LPE is always looking for ways to learn and grow. We take extreme pride in our safety first attitude and our competitive environmental rates.


As we continue to expand our services and our regional presence, Talon/LPE is excited to celebrate 20 years. Furthermore, with great employees and a strong client base, we are equally as excited to see what the next 20 years bring.

Talon/LPE Staff in the Field

We're pretty cool, and we've got the history to back up our reputation. Better yet, we're hiring! Join us and apply today!