At Talon/LPE, we have an obligation to be stewards of the land and its natural resources. These resources are precious, and limited. We protect our clients by offering safe and cost-effective solutions to their environmental concerns. We feel that we are meeting the obligation to be stewards of the land when our clients consider us valuable team members.

We strive to bring our clients the most innovative, efficient and cost-effective technology in the industry. That’s why we’re teaming up with Sand X. Our primary goal is to help you succeed, and with Sand X, it’s possible.

Sand X

Our Most Innovative Partnership Yet

What Is It?

The Sand X process is an environmentally friendly, safe and cost effective way to dispose of sand and reuse water. The process depletes the possibility of  hazardous chemicals and hydrocarbons being released into the atmosphere. The filtered sand can be used for any future project and the cleaned water can be reused. It's the oil & gas industry's version of reduce, reuse, recycle.


Throughout the process, 3 types of machinery are combined to create the best SandX result: The Sand X and The SuperLoop. The Sand X works to restore the sand, while The SuperLoop works to eliminate gases in order to restore the water and the Sand L is used to disperse the restored sand evenly as it falls from the Sand X. 

Sand X

Cost Effective & Efficient Sand Restoration


The Sand X is used as the primary recovery tank in drill out and flowback operations. Sand water and hydrocarbons flow into the gas buster and then into the hopper, causing the sand to fall to the bottom of the hopper while it's being cleaned and picked up into the lift system. The sand is the dropped into a suitable container and the water and hydrocarbons then flow into the Sand X tank. Gravity then separates the water from the oil, allowing both to be reused for the future.


Water Restoration with Efficiency

Developed to work in conjunction with the Sand X, the SuperLoop's primary function is to restore water for reuse. It involves a three phase separation of gas, condensates and flow back slurry during the drilling and completion phases of energy exploration and production. A mobile steel deck works with a self erecting gas separator and helps to separate natural gases from hydrocarbon liquid, water and sand. The liquids and solids exit the vessel by gravity flow through an elevated outlet spout, while the natural gases exit near atmospheric pressure through a flare.

Sand L

Creating a Safer Tomorrow

The Sand L works in conjunction with the Sand X to make the jobsite even more safe. As the restored sand is dispensed from the Sand X, the Sand L ensures that the cleaned sand is dispensed evenly, eliminated the need for a confined space entry. Thus, making it safer for everyone.

Talon/LPE recognizes that natural resources are priceless and must be protected both morally and legally. By protecting the land, water and air, we can leave a positive legacy for future generations. We believe that by providing innovative, intelligent, honest, and professional environmental services like the services provided through our partnership with Sand X, this obligation will be met. For more information in regards to Sand X, contact one of our Certified Sand X / Super Loop Operators today using the button below.

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