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Talon/LPE has a extensive experience installing monitoring wells, big and small. The deepest monitoring well we’ve installed is 905 feet deep.

The 905 Feet Deep Well6697359_orig.gif

The client gave the Talon team the task of finding out if a chemical had leaked into the Ogallala Aquifer. This started the deep well project that lead to drilling 905 feet below the surface.

The drilling team set up the rig and started drilling. Around 500 feet down, the team hit the aquifer. At that point, they started testing the water for the suspected chemical. They found nothing. They continued to drill down into the aquifer, taking samples along the way. They found nothing at 600, 700 or 800 feet down. It looked like the team was not going to find the suspected chemical.

The team reached a point about 900 feet down and took another sample.  They found the suspected chemical at the bottom of the aquifer. The team installed a monitoring well with a final depth of 905 feet.

The Challenges

Environmental contamination can happen in the deepest depths of the subsurface. Finding the contamination is a priority when that contamination is threatening the water in an aquifer. If the contamination is not found in time, it could pose hazardous to human health and could jeopardize food and drinking water sources.

Contamination can happen due to accidental spills, old underground storage tanks and undetected leaks. The contamination can creep into the soil and infiltrate the groundwater. It can sit for years without anyone suspecting the damage being done belowground.

Environmental drilling projects are critical for finding contamination. These projects can determine the type of contamination, the extent of it and potential remediation actions to solve the problem. Monitoring wells make it easier to measure current contamination levels and to see if those levels go up or down over time.

The Rewards

Drilling and installing a monitoring well at 905 feet was definitely a challenge. The drilling team found what they were looking for and provided the client with clear proof of the contamination. The monitoring well gave them the ability to keep track of the chemical levels in the Aquifer's depths. It was a job well done.

If you need environmental drilling services, for shallow or deep projects, give us a call at Talon/LPE Drilling Services. We can send crews throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico.

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