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What You Need to Know About Hard Hat Safety

It is no secret that the NFL works hard to ensure the safety of their players. From video footage within the players’ helmets to air conditioned pads and gear, safety is top priority every football season in order to help prevent injuries from occurring. However, the threat of injury is always very real, whether you’re on the field or off. That’s why Talon/LPE spends an ample amount of time and resources on the safety of every employee in their job. 

Hard hat safety is just one way Talon/LPE works to maintain a safe workplace. By ensuring all of our employees know how to wear a hard hat and how to spot potential signs of damage, we are able to see to it that every employee returns home to their families safely.

3 Tips to Hard Hat SafetyIMG_5494-1.jpg

1. Check for Any Flaws

Before putting on your hard hat, make sure that their there are no flaws. Here, you will be looking for cracks, dents or discoloring. If any of these do exist, look for a replacement shell or suspension immediately, as this hard hat may not be protecting  you to its full potential.


2. Make Sure It Is Strapped on Correctly

Hard hats are not a fashion statement, but rather a safety statement. When putting on your hard hat, make sure that the rim faces the front and that it is on the correct way. Furthermore, ensure that it is tight enough to stay on, but not too tight. 


3. Hard Hats Have a Lifespan

Though hard hats may be extending your life by keeping you safe, they often need routine maintenance to keep them in working order. A good rule of thumb is to replace your suspension every year and your shell ever 5 years.


Though hard hats may seem like a basic safety item, they can save your life. Our safety team is trained to help implement safety techniques and routines. Contact our safety team today to find out how you can make a safer tomorrow. 

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