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What to Consider in a Basic Spill Management Strategy

Spills happen and though no one wants to deal with that sort of an accident, it is often inevitable. Spill management is crucial when it comes to accidents like these, as there are a multitude of variables to consider for implementing a proper and effective remediation plan. Consulting an experienced team of remediation experts is crucial as the list of things they have to consider is extensive.


IMG_0026.jpgEquipment Selection

There are three things to consider when it comes to equipment selection for oil spill remediation:

  1. Where the spill occurred
  2. The type of product spilled
  3. What types of materials that will be used in the remediation process

Also, factors such as wind, weather, budget constraints and more can have a major effect on the clean-up strategy. Choosing the right equipment is crucial in order to have an effective spill management strategy in place.


Methods of Spill Management

There are also chemical and biological methods of spill remediation to consider. Usually environmental experts use chemical and biological methods for site remediation, in addition to those with equipment-driven focus. These methods of remediation are rapidly advancing with today’s modern pace of technology development. Chemical and biological procedures are useful in situations where the remediation strategy and location are more sensitive to heavy equipment. Sites with differing soil types will respond independently of one another in response to the chemical or biological remediation efforts. Gathering the correct information and analyzing that information in order to recommend the best remediation technique is the goal in any spill incident


The Ultimate Goal

Most importantly, the ultimate goal of any spill management strategy should include two things: 

  1. The safety of the response team
  2. The minimization of environmental damage to natural resources

Organizations of any kind who want to remain efficient, profitable and unhindered in their operations benefit greatly from this approach. Remediation experts should always consider things like waste  management, as contamination and materials used in remediation activities must be minimized and carefully monitored. 


Talon/LPE specializes in spill management activities and remediation. We have over 18 years of experience in spill mitigation and remediation techniques, strategy, and the successful implementation of oil and/or chemical spill response. We possess a wide range of remediation abilities including those related to various equipment, engineering, and scientific standards in addition to innovative chemical and biological processes. 


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