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The Benefits & Limitations of a Geoprobe in the Fort Collins, CO Area

The Fort Collins, Colorado area is growing quickly and the need for soil sampling and groundwater monitoring wells is increasing in the Larimer County area. Though many drilling methods may be used for projects like these, we have found that a Geoprobe works effectively in the Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming area.

Geoprobe_Drilling_FortCollinsGeoprobes are typically used for drilling groundwater monitoring wells and for sampling soil. The Geoprobe comes with many pros and cons that can help you quickly identify whether or not it would be beneficial for your project.

The Benefits of Using a Geoprobe

Though the Geoprobe isn’t right for all projects, it does come with a large number of benefits. A few of these can be seen below:

Ease of Use

Geoprobes are smaller and more compact than other equipment that can be used, thus making them more transportable. This means the Geoprobe is able to fit into smaller spaces and is able to be transported faster.

Fast Maneuvering

Not only can the Geoprobe be transported quickly, but there is also no need to remove the hollow stem auger when it’s in use. This saves more time and in turn, leads to more samples being taken within an allotted amount of time.

Different Depths

The Geoprobe can take samples at a multitude of different depths, while still limiting the disturbance of the soil.

DirectPush_SoilBorings_SamplingThe Limitations of a Geoprobe

The Geoprobe is a great resource to have, though limitations do exist for the equipment.


The primary limitation includes the type of soil on your project. The Geoprobe direct-push technology does not work well in rocky or hard soil areas, as it typically performs best in softer soils.


The Geoprobe is also limited in terms of depth. Since the Geoprobe is smaller than other types of equipment, the depth in which it can drill is shallower than other methods that can be used. This does, however, prove beneficial as it helps to limit the disturbance of the soil. The ideal project for the Geoprobe is a shallow soil boring or monitoring well within alluvial deposits.

The Geoprobe is particularly useful in the Fort Collins, Colorado area. With many years of experience, you can rest easy at your next project with our staff’s experience and knowledge of the Geoprobe. We are very familiar with the Denver Basin, Park Basin and Niobrara. Furthermore, we are willing to travel within a 150 mile radius, and that includes Wyoming, Denver, and the Pawnee Grasslands. Contact an Environmental Project Manager at Talon/LPE today to help you with your next project.


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