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Talon/LPE Welcomes Clear Fork Consulting Services: Expanding our horizons

We are thrilled to announce an exciting development at Talon/LPE: the acquisition of Clear Fork Consulting Services. This strategic move is not just a merger of businesses but a combination of talents, technologies, and opportunities that will significantly enhance our service offerings and expand our geographic reach. 

A Union of Expertise
One of the most valuable aspects of this acquisition is the addition of highly skilled talent from Clear Fork Consulting Services. We are pleased to welcome Scott Williams, P.G. and John Hanley to the Talon/LPE team. Both Scott and John bring with them a wealth of experience and a track record of excellence in the environmental consulting industry. Their expertise will be instrumental in not only enhancing our service capacity but also in driving innovation within our remediation services.

Expanding Geographical Reach
The acquisition of Clear Fork Consulting Services opens up fresh opportunities for Talon/LPE in Decatur, Texas and surrounding areas. This strategic expansion is not just an addition to our operational footprint but a  enhancement in our ability to serve the state of Texas comprehensively. This development strengthens our commitment to meet and exceed the growing demand for our specialized services throughout the southwestern United States. 

Enhanced Service Offerings
Integrating Clear Fork's resources, including their equipment, into our operations augments Talon/LPE's capabilities in specialized remediation services. This equipment will enable us to offer more advanced solutions and handle a broader range of environmental challenges. By leveraging this transition, we can ensure faster response times throughout the east Texas region and a wider range of remediation technology.

A Future of Opportunities
This is a step forward in our mission to provide comprehensive environmental solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. By combining the strengths of Talon/LPE and Clear Fork Consulting Services, we are setting a new standard in environmental remediation.

We are excited about the opportunities this presents and are committed to ensuring a smooth integration of our teams and operations.

We look forward to continuing to serve our clients with even more capabilities and a broader reach.