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Talon/LPE Introduces Sonic Drilling Technology to Fleet

Talon/LPE is introducing Sonic Drilling Technology to our line of services! Our new Sonic Drilling rig has become the newest addition to our drilling family and offers our clients even greater options for drilling. 

Sonic Drilling Technology

What is Sonic Drilling?

Sonic drilling uses high-speed eccentric counter-rotating rollers. In soil, this causes liquefaction of alluvial soils and with vibration, the soil particles loosen contact and react like a mud fluid. Rock layers on the other hand, need vibration with simultaneous rotation. The formation material must be broken before the rock can be penetrated and for drilling of harder layers, a bit of tungsten carbine buttons is needed plus a medium of water or air to create up hole velocity.


What can Sonic Drilling be Used On?

Sonic drilling can penetrate and sample all kinds of material. It’s vast drilling capabilities include overburden, cement rebar, rip-rap, sands, gravel, cobbles, boulder, bricks, wood and so much more. 


Why Use Sonic Drilling 

Sonic Drilling Technology provides a straight, plumb, and gauge borehole in a time efficient manner while providing a continuous log and high sample quality throughout a boring. In addition, Sonic tooling provides a smaller total diameter borehole, and the borehole is cased which eliminates potential washouts and over generation of waste. This reduction of waste generation reduces waste disposal costs and allows us to continue to strive for more efficient operations with less environmental impact.

Sonic Drilling Rig Talon/LPE



Talon/LPE is utilizing the Geoprobe 8150LS for sonic drilling, as this drilling rig is known specifically for it’s ability to provide samples at various depths and in a wide range of formations. 


Talon/LPE has more than 100 years of combined professional environmental drilling experience. We are experienced in a variety of drilling conditions in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, and Colorado. The safety of our employees and the project site is the number one priority at Talon/LPE. Contact us today using the button below for your next environmental drilling project.

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