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Talon/LPE adds Diedrich D-50 Auger rig to fleet

Talon/LPE is excited to announce the addition of additional drilling capabilities with the addition of a new hollow stem auger drill.   The Diedrich D-50 Track Mounted Auger Rig is a highly versatile piece of drilling equipment, making it suitable for a wide variety of environmental work. Here's why it's a great choice for operations in Texas and New Mexico:




Versatility: The Diedrich D-50 is highly adaptable, capable of performing rotary, auger, and core drilling. This is a key factor for environmental work where different types of drilling might be necessary based on soil composition and project requirements.


Power: Equipped with a Tier 4 John Deere engine, this rig provides substantial power for drilling operations. Tier 4 engines have updated emission standards, ensuring they emit fewer pollutants, which aligns with the environmental focus of these projects.


Water System: With a built-in water tank, 3L6 water pump, and a water manifold system, this rig is capable of effectively managing water-based drilling processes. This is essential in the arid climates of Texas and New Mexico, where water supply can be a critical factor.


Safety and Efficiency: The rig comes equipped with several features such as the auto hammer, wiggle tail, and breakout table & wrench that increase its safety and operational efficiency. This reduces the risk of on-site accidents and allows for more efficient completion of projects.


Durability: The Diedrich D-50 is built for durability, ensuring it can withstand the tough conditions often found in environmental work. This is particularly relevant in Texas and New Mexico, where drilling conditions can be harsh due to factors like heat, aridity, and rocky soil compositions.


Mobility: The track-mounted design offers improved mobility and access in difficult terrains, which can be a significant advantage in Texas and New Mexico's diverse topography.


Storage and Transport: The front carrier winch, front auger rack, and wireline winch facilitate easy transport and storage of tools, improving operational efficiency. This is especially important for environmental work that often requires a broad set of tools and equipment.


Low Environmental Impact: With its Tier 4 engine and efficient water management system, the Diedrich D-50 minimizes the environmental impact of drilling operations. This aligns perfectly with the objectives of environmental work, which often aims to balance development needs with environmental preservation.


By combining power, versatility, safety, and eco-friendliness, the Diedrich D-50 Track Mounted Auger Rig stands out as an excellent choice for environmental projects in Texas and New Mexico.  Please call Talon/LPE today at 806-467-0607 or email at clientrelations@talonlpe.com to have a conversation about this exciting addition to our growing fleet of equipment. 


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