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PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Mobile Dual Phase Extraction (MDPE) in Memphis, TX

In July of 2021, Talon/LPE was hired to conduct a 24-hour mobile dual phase extraction (MDPE) event at an oil and gas site located in Memphis, Texas. MDPE is used to simultaneously remove liquid and vapor phase separated hydrocarbons (PSH) from the subsurface under high vacuum. The MDPE unit utilizes existing monitoring/recovery wells when conducting events. When inspecting this particular site, Talon/LPE discovered that multiple well heads at the site were broken or destroyed, therefore preventing Talon/LPE from conducting the event. 

Mobile Dual Phase Extraction

To repair a cracked monitoring well, a licensed driller must visit the site to analyze and repair the well. In some cases, the well would have to be replaced. The typical cost to replace a well is approximately $6,000.00. Normally this is more than enough reason to panic, but thankfully, Talon/LPE was on the job!

Talon/LPE’s project manager was quick to evaluate the situation and provide an innovative solution. Talon/LPE utilized 4-inch PVC liners that were custom made to slide down into the monitoring wells during the MDPE event. The liners are removable and support the vacuum seal. This innovation resulted in cost savings to our client as well as an effective MDPE event. 

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