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Pipeline Spill in Alabama


Recently, the Colonial Pipeline in Alabama was found leaking in a routine check. Before the leak was discovered, the pipeline had spilled hundreds of thousands of gallons of gasoline into the William R. Ireland Sr. Cahaba River Wildlife Management Area, right outside of Birmingham. This catastrophic spill has in turn triggered a series of events that’s effecting more people than was originally anticipated.



AL has reported that 336,000 gallons of gasoline have been lost as a result of this event. This is causing a low supply of gasoline with higher demand and increased gas prices. However, the governor of Alabama has issued numerous warnings stating that price hikes on gasoline in a situation like this are indeed illegal.

With that said, 6 states including Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina have declared a state of emergency as truck drivers race to provide gasoline to people in need. Truck drivers’ shifts have been lengthened in order to provide the public with the resources they need and use daily. Clean Technica reported that the Colonial Pipeline Accounts for approximately 40% of the gasoline used in the eastern United States.

From an environmental perspective, AL reports that Colonial is pretty fortunate in where the spill occurred, as it is not expected to have a large environmental impact and drinking water should not be affected. Furthermore, it is said that officials are fully cooperating with the Cahaba Riverkeepers to ensure that they can minimize the impact of this spill.

Talon/LPE specializes in emergency spill response and is equipped to handle project such as the Colonial Pipeline spill. The picture in this blog demonstrates a recent spill spanning 6 miles that Talon/LPE cleaned up.

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