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Many people do not realize the hazards involved in doing environmental drilling in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.  Work crews out on the job site have to be constantly aware of the hazards involved and know what to do. During environmental drilling projects the hazards are many and can be found just about anywhere.

What are some Natural Hazards in Texas?

Let's look at some of the job site hazards our drilling crews face:


  • Rattlesnakes are quite common. With more than 10 different species in our service area, drilling crews always have to be aware of where rattlers might be hiding on a job site and how to handle them if they appear.
  • Bees can build nests in the ground, in debris piles, and in trees. With a number of species in our service area, including the Africanized honey bee, drill crews need to be on alert for bee nests.3424087.jpg
  • Scorpions are found all over Talon/LPE’s service area. Scorpions like to find small holes to hide in and can sting an unsuspecting person.
  • Deer and Wild Pigs are dangerous because they can be a hazard on the road. When moving drilling equipment in the early morning or late afternoon, drivers have to be aware of wildlife in the road ahead.

Weather/Natural Disasters

  • Thunderstorms and lightning are a major concern. With giant storms accompanying warm and cold fronts, it is dangerous for a drilling crew to work in a lightning storm.
  • Tornadoes are something seen quite often in Texas and Oklahoma, especially in the spring and fall. Drill crews rarely encounter them, but the hazard potential is there.
  • Winter storms are something drilling crews have to content with, especially in the Panhandle part of Texas. Snow and ice are hazardous to humans and drilling equipment alike.
  • Flooding can be a problem, especially in dry river beds. The precipitation event could be happening miles away, but the water flows downhill. Crews always need to be aware of weather reports and potential flood hazards.

Drilling work crews face these hazards each day they are on the job site. To mitigate those hazards, the company works to develop a Job Safety & Environmental Assessment for each job. Part of that review is to address natural hazards.

Give us a call at Talon/LPE for any drilling needs you might have. We have over 100 years of combined experience in handling drilling throughout the region and for a number of purposes. Our focus is on providing effective environmental drilling and the best in safety for our team and clients. Contact us today to learn more about our environmental drilling services.

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