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How Day Zero Could Become A Reality For More People

Cape Town, South Africa has been placed on water restriction for the last several months in fear of a pending Day Zero, when fresh water could ultimately run out. Their rations have included just over 13 gallons of water per day and 90-second showers. However, their hard work and diligence toward conserving water has paid off, as Day Zero has been pushed back to 2019.

Though Cape Town has narrowly avoided Day Zero in their South African town for now, many others throughout the world may be facing their very own Day Zero.TalonLPE_DayZero

Mexico City

Mexico City is already experiencing a rather devastating drought. In fact, it’s citizens only have running water part of the day. 20% of Mexico City’s residents get just a few hours of running water every week.

Sao Paulo

In 2015, the reservoir that supplies the majority of water to the city’s residents nearly ran dry, as the city faced it’s biggest drought in over 80 years. The majority of residents were left without water for up to 12 hours per day.


In Indonesia, Jakarta is no stranger to droughts. During dryer months, residents are often faced with minimal water and are forced to cut supplies of water for irrigation. This causes many farmers in the region to report failed harvests. What’s even scarier is how fast this city uses their groundwater. The National Geographic reports, “Jakarta is running so dry that the city is sinking faster than seas are rising, as residents suck up groundwater from below the surface.”



The capital of Jordan is also no stranger to droughts. Already scarce with water, the city has faced even more trouble as Syrian refugees have been flocking to the area causing a nearly 20% increase in water demand. This has caused many neighborhoods placing a limit on water usage. Many residents are facing water limits of around 12-24 hours per week.

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