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A Basic Overview of Spill Management Strategy

No one wants to have to deal with an oil spill, but accidents can and do happen. Spill management is an invaluable resource for when things go wrong. There are lots of variables to consider for implementing a proper and effective remediation plan. The list of things an experienced team of remediation experts have to consider is extensive.


Equipment Selection Is Important for Spill ManagementCrudeOilOnTrees.jpg


Equipment selection for oil spill remediation is a prime concern. Equipment selection will be based on the type of product spilled, the specifics of where the spill occurred, and what types of materials will be used in the remediation process. Wind, weather, currents and more can have a major effect on the clean-up strategy. Choosing the right equipment is crucial.


Other Methods of Spill Management


There are also chemical and biological methods of spill remediation. Usually environmental experts use chemical and biological methods for site remediation, in addition to those with equipment-driven focus. These methods of hydrocarbon remediation are rapidly advancing with today’s modern pace of technology development. Chemical and biological procedures are useful in situations where the remediation strategy and location are more sensitive to heavy equipment. Riparian and wetlands  like beaches, swamps, and marshes respond well to chemical or biological remediation efforts.


Spill Management’s Ultimate Goal


Any spill management program’s ultimate goal is the safety of the response team and  minimization of environmental damage to natural resources. Oil companies, industrial facilities, and even landowners who want to remain efficient, profitable, and unhindered in their operations in the area benefit from this approach. To meet this goal, remediation experts must consider things like waste materials management. Contamination and materials used in remediation activities must be carefully minimized and monitored.


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