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How Talon/LPE Upholds Ethics standards in CONSTRUCTION


Upholding sound business ethics is critical for every company, especially those involved with general contracting. It creates a solid foundation for the company to build strong client relations. It builds a level of trust that no amount of marketing can make happen.

Here are four areas of ethics important to the general contracting industry:
Client Service

Clients have an expectation that the general contractor will perform the services hired in a professional, high-quality manner. The general contractor must make this commitment to each and every client.
The client should receive ethical customer service including having all work done in an efficient, effective manner, all hours accounted for in detail, and all work done to industry and government safety standards.

The general contractor should meet or exceed all federal, state, and local requirements for permitting, building, and clean-up. All general contracting employees as well as any subcontractors on the job should treat clients and their representatives with respect and professional courtesy.

Standards Of Practice

Clients should expect general contracting companies to adopt and follow all industry standards of practice. These standards offer an additional layer of protection for both the general contractor and the client.

Standards of practice outline requirements for many areas including, but not limited to, budget and cost control, personnel training, supervising onsite activities, construction safety, and quality management. These standards also outline the professional code of behavior expected from companies and individuals working within the industry. The company should be open to providing clients with documentation on standards of practice and show their compliance with such.

Fair Competition

A general contracting company needs to be dedicated to the concept and practice of fair competition. This is competition based on price, quality, and service, not on unfair business practices.

The company should adopt strict standards on fair dealing and anti-competitive activities. There should be a commitment to dealing with all vendors, clients, competitors, and others in a fair manner. This includes not misrepresenting facts, omitting information, manipulating data, or disclosing confidential business information. The company should commit to following all antitrust laws as outlined by federal or state laws. All information gathered on competitors should be done in a fair and legal manner. This includes not pressuring new employees to divulge confidential information on former employers.


The core of any ethical code is integrity. Without integrity, business ethics are baseless. At its core, integrity is being honest and following strong moral principles. It comes through as consistent actions, values, principles, and expectations.

A general contracting company should function through a core of integrity. All business dealings should be above board and open to scrutiny. Clients should never have a reason to doubt the company's integrity in any aspect of their dealings with the company. Any doubts should be addressed promptly and in a professional manner.

Client service, fair competition, integrity, and industry standards of practice are top priorities here at Talon/LPE. We take our ethics very seriously and want that to be very apparent to our clients. We are committed to safely performing our core services with ethical professionalism and quality. If you need a general contractor in Texas, Oklahoma, or New Mexico, contact us today.