Average Construction Experience of 28 Years

Talon/LPE offers professional general contracting services to our clients. With over 100 years of combined experience, our staff has the experience, technical knowledge and expertise to complete a wide range of general contracting projects. The staff at Talon/LPE has completed over 500 projects throughout the United States. All of our projects have been completed following the one basic rule of our credo: We will do what is right, every time. Period.


Feeling overwhelmed? The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Our team will walk you through the how's, why's, and what-if's. Making good decisions during the pre-construction phase will have long-term benefits during construction.

The pre-construction phase is the most important part of the building process. This is where the most crucial of decisions are made, as planning is where it all begins. From scheduling and costs to the overall building method, a project approach based on strategy will be put in place during this time to help establish expectations and get you started on your project on the right foot.

The staff at Talon/LPE will walk you through everything that you should expect throughout the duration of your project.

Completed over 200 Restaurants in 7 states - on time and within budget.


Talon/LPE has the right relationships with the right people. We can identify the most qualified subcontractors, specialists and suppliers to help you achieve your vision. Talon/LPE is the on site manager for the architect and owner, and is responsible for managing time and costs.

We think not only about the 'big picture,' but we make sure to think about all the little details that even the biggest projects can incorporate. Talon/LPE puts your dreams into reality by building something that was originally only scribbled on paper. As dreams come to life, Talon/LPE keeps you in the know and ensures that you are well informed about what is going on throughout the entirety of the project.


Performed over $30M in Job Order contracting for University, City, and Government agencies

As a team, we're all in it together. That means that Talon/LPE will work with you and the architect to achieve your goals, and ultimately your vision.

Assembling the subcontractors, the equipment and the plans isn't an easy process for the unexperienced. That's why Talon/LPE has the expertise and track record to help manage all of the details for you. We work hard to ensure that all aspects of construction are handled efficiently, within budget and deadline. Talon/LPE's construction management team eliminates all of the stresses, so that you can focus on the bigger picture and the end product itself. Beginning construction on your next project should be far from stressful. That's whywe work so diligently to make sure your next big venture is as exciting as it should be. 


On average, 95% of our clients return to use us again in the future

Talon/LPE brings the design team, while you bring your ideas and passions. Whether your thoughts are mapped out in plans or on a napkin, we'll make your vision a reality.

Building cookie-cutter structures is not what our Design/Build team specializes in. These guys work hard to make your building as unique as possible, capturing whatever it is that you're most passionate about. Since our team works close with the designer, it is much simpler to keep everyone on the same page, as they all work together hand-in-hand. Most importantly, no detail is overlooked, as this team works meticulously to make sure every aspect of your dream becomes a reality.