For 25 years Talon/LPE has been a leader in the environmental industry, implementing new technologies and promoting sustainable practices. In keeping with that tradition, Talon/LPE has applied to join the internationally recognized organization, Climate Neutral Now (CNN).  Talon/LPE has committed to a goal of reducing emissions year over year.  Additionally, Talon/LPE receives insight and direction into environmental performance of various industries around the world, this contributes to the depth and breadth of knowledge it then may offer carbon conscious clients. 


At Talon/LPE we hold a responsibility to contribute to our local communities through education, economic development, and creating jobs and utilizing local suppliers in our day to day operations through subcontracting and purchasing of products and supplies. 

Governance and Leadership

Talon/LPE is steadfast in maintaining its founding principles of integrity, honesty, safety, and accountability. Talon/LPE is a privately held Texas partnership. The Talon/LPE leadership team was implemented to execute the corporate mission and maintain accountability throughout the organization. The Talon/LPE leadership team is composed of seven members serving in distinct focus areas.  

TalonLPE Leadership Team