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How Do I Get A Building Permit?


Obtaining a building permit is a necessity for many projects. The permit keeps your contractors honest and ensures that the work done meets building codes. The process for getting that building permit is not difficult, in most cases. However, it does require knowledge of applicable codes/regulations, clearly defined project goals, engineering/architectural plans, and contract requirements.
You may be building a large industrial building, a multi-family residential dwelling or doing a major renovation to a commercial structure. The goals for each of these separate projects are quite different. You need to be able to communicate those goals to the building permit authorities.

Getting A Building Permit

The first step in getting a building permit is putting in an application with the appropriate authorities. The application is usually a pre-printed form the builder or contractor fills out. The application outlines the project contacts, goals, subcontract plans, and schedules. If the project requires approval from a zoning or planning board, the builder must get that clearance before putting in the application.

With many major projects, you will need to submit plans and specifications along with the application. These allow the building permit people to review what you plan and to ensure the project meets all codes and regulations. In many cases, the plans must be drawn up and approved by a qualified engineer or architect.

The building authorities may request more detailed plans or specifications if the initial offering is not enough. The authorities may also require changes to the plans or specifications if they do not meet codes and regulations. All changes must be made and reviewed before the authorities will approve the building permit.

Once the building plans satisfy the building permit authorities, they will approve the plans and issue the permit. The builder will need to keep the approved plans and permit on the job site until the project is finished.

Environmental Aspects Of The Building Permit Process

The building authorities can require a builder to perform certain environmental tests before issuing a permit. A few locations have toxic contaminants beneath the surface that could make it impossible to build on or use the land. For example, some rural areas require a potable well for drinking water before someone can live on it.

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